Best Reason To Get That New Mod Haircut (2008)


Thomas's Beauty Salon, overrun by hipsters nostalgic for beehives and glam, has been successfully converted into a unique loungey theme bar. Metal hair dryers of old hang above the cushy salon chairs that line the length of the bar. Illuminated photos of '50s-esque bobs adorn the walls, alongside lists of manicure prices and dated fashion ads. These preserved salon relics have been enhanced by snazzy pink Christmas lights and the BEAUTY BAR's chic clientele. Friday night DJs offer "glam and rock that people have forgotten—like the New York Dolls or Def Leppard": music that draws many a wondering mod boy. The hair salon theme may even convince you to get that edgy impractical mod 'do—go for it; a cut and set is only $25.

Location Details

231 E. 14th St.
New York NY 10003


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