Best Reason to Go Down a Bushwick Side Street at Night (2008)

Bushwick Starr

To keep from being harassed, one friend of ours walks home from the Jefferson L-train stop in Bushwick, talking to herself like she was batshit crazy. Another friend who lives off DeKalb carries nunchucks. Such is the price of living in one of Brooklyns most volatile neighborhoods. Still, Sue Kessler and Noel Joseph Allain opened a black-box theater there in 2001, Bushwick Starr, for their company, Fovea Floods, and have since begun renting it out to other talented avant-gardists for cheap. Now, braving a walk past the dark alleys (which will undoubtedly soon become condos) gets you into an intimate space for seeing great new work, like Jeff Larson and Andrew Dinwiddies Catch! Series, which gives seven minutes of performance time each to a lineup of theater companies and solo artists.

Location Details

207 Starr St.
Brooklyn NY 11237


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