Best Reason to Reach for the Mylanta (2008)

Ben's Annual Mid-Winter Matzoh-Ball Eating Contest

The world of competitive eating will never be the same. After 131-pound Takeru Kobayashi nearly doubled the world record at the Nathan's Famous hot-dog-eating contest by downing 50 dogs in 12 minutes, sport gluttons everywhere began to realize that anything's possible. The next frontier? BEN'S ANNUAL MID-WINTER MATZOH-BALL EATING CONTEST. This January, could Kobayashi break the magic thirteen-ball barrier currently shared by Ed "the Animal" Jarvis, Bruce "the Mailman" Stock, and defending champ "Hungry" Charles Hardy? Or Russell "No Soup for You" Machover's controversial overtime total of 18 5/8, which prompted immediate institution of the no-vomiting rule? Maybe, but remember, matzoh balls ain't hot dogs. "It's like shoveling cement down your esophagus," explains Machover. Ben's Kosher Delicatessen, 209 West 38th Street and other locations.


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