Best reason Tuesday should be the new Friday (2008)

Slavic Soul Party

Isabella Fonseca, an American author of Romany origin, has noted: "The Gypsies have no heroes. There are no myths of origin, of a great liberation, of the founding of a nation,' of a promised land. . . . They have no monuments, no anthem, no ruins, and no Book." But they have really great bands. Luckily, New York boasts several ensembles who play forms of Gypsy music (some more authentic than others), such as Zagnut Orkestar, Balkan Fantasia, and Gogol Bordello. They're all fun—ever seen a Gypsy band that wasn't?—but few may be quite as much fun as the Slavic Soul Party. This Brooklyn-based ensemble boasts a rotating repertoire of nine members playing trumpet, accordion, trombone, tuba, clarinet, and an instrument known as a darabouka. They have a permanent spot on the roster at Park Slope's Barbès, playing tunes such as "Shall I Throw It Down?" and "Missy Sa-Sa" every Tuesday at 10. Occasionally joined by a vocalist and belly dancer, they've been known to snake their way out of the back room, into the bar, and out into the street, getting the weekend started nice and early.


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