Best reasons to cancel that Netflix subscription (2008)

Anthology Film Archives

Serious film culture takes hit after hit, thanks to a persistent dumbing down on the part of distributors and the media, but the crowded calendars of New York's repertory theaters tell a different story. This has been a banner year for the city's retro houses: Film Forum packed a lifetime's worth of "B noirs" into six intensive weeks of cheap, fast, nasty double and triple bills. BAM paid homage to Michelangelo Antonioni with a career overview, showcasing luscious new prints of many titles still unavailable on DVD. The Walter Reade's national surveys ventured beyond familiar terrain to take in banned Syrian political allegories and official Soviet sci-fi. The Moving Image, after a winter schedule enlivened by flapper twosome Anna May Wong and Josephine Baker, is gearing up for a massive Jacques Rivette retro. And Anthology Film Archives, our pick for this year's repertory MVP, has lately ramped up its programming to near Parisian levels. Its two big recent coups have been heroic salvage efforts: a "Rare Rivette" mini-retro that featured as its crown jewel the French master's legendary, unseen-in- decades improv experiment Out One: Spectre. And just in time for the dog days of August, Anthology nabbed the last print of Dennis Hopper's apocalyptic meta-western The Last Movie, the craziest film ever released by a Hollywood studio, and some deeply twisted person's brilliant idea of a summer blockbuster.


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