Best Record Store Named After its Memorable Owner (2008)

Don's Music

A slightly hidden, superbly stocked, not exorbitantly expensive, walk-in-closet-sized shop perfectly suited for the garage-rock connoisseur, Don's Music also has a mix of classic-rock, prog-rock, and solid oldies stuff—with just a sliver of new indie output. Handsome, middle-aged Don, who is happy enough to take your special orders as well as stock your suggestions, is the kind of man with whom you could enter into a long and fascinating conversation on the topic of guitars, your romantic life, bicycles, his memoir, etc. He's a small-time cult figure: Strangers I've met inadvertently in bars or on the street talk fervently about his manner, his parties, his loquaciousness. They all want badly to connect on the subject of Don.


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