Best Regularly Held Literary Event (2008)

Stories at the Moth

Ten thousand audience members can't be wrong. For the last three years, Stories at the Moth has given 250 writers, performers, and regular Joes the opportunity to deliver some of the most memorable and hilarious fictional narratives. What originated as an informal party at novelist George Dawes Green's loft, in which guests would spontaneously spin tales (reading prepared material is forbidden to this day), has evolved into an exuberant bimonthly moveable feast. Now, hundreds regularly flock to swanky lounges throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, from Joe's Pub and the Fez to Galapagos and BAM Café. You'll find yourself held in awe by such storytelling legends as Frank McCourt, Gioia Timpanelli, and George Plimpton. Check out their upcoming schedule at, or e-mail them at


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