Best Rehearsal Space (2008)

Smash Studios

We'd practiced at every grim band-hole in town—the druggy Ludlow Street basements with mics set to "electrocute," the big-name joints with broken drumheads and elevators that can't be bothered to operate, the pustulant skate-rat hangouts with dysfunctional PAs at extortionate rates. Then we discovered the karmarific Chelsea spot Smash Studios. They've got decent prices (and a three-hours-for-the-price-of-two special most of the week); more important, they've got clean, spacious rooms, equipment that usually even works, polite staff, and a friendly parrot in the lobby. Sometimes there's even a high-tech keyboard in our room. And they sell Smokey cigarette-pack amps, if you feel like playing on the street afterward.


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