Best Risk-Free Plane Watching (2008)

median strip at the intersection with Northern Boulevard.

If your idea of a good time is dialing 505-0555 (Tel Aviv Car Service) and driving midafternoon to the international terminal at JFK to catch an evening flight, then airplanes are an important part of your world. If, however, the recent spate of airplane disasters has made you too nervous to fly (or if you're just too damn broke), get yourself to Queens. For $3 round-trip, the 7 train will take you to LaGuardia, where, as in the plane-watching ecstasy of Wayne's World, incoming aircraft appear very suddenly and bank with just as much drama. The mind-splitting decibel level is part of the fun, and you're filled with all the excitement of takeoff without ever having to leave the ground. Take the 7 to the end of the line (Flushing—Main Street stop), then walk all the way down Main Street to the park in the median strip at the intersection with Northern Boulevard.


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