Best Rock-Club Lounge to Hang Out in Instead of Watching Bands Upstairs (2008)

Irving Plaza

Hopefully the band playing upstairs isn't crappy, since you probably paid $30 to see them, but if you find yourself with some downtime while at IRVING PLAZA, say, during one of those awful "experimental" films they show in between sets, be sure to check out the lounge. Located behind and to the right of the entrance lobby, and directly in front of the bathrooms, this cozy space, which features a gold ceiling, plush couches, antique light fixtures, and lots of mirrors and red velvet, will make you feel like you're back at the Moulin Rouge. It's also an ideal spot for mid-concert nookie, but don't stay too long, because you'll have a hell of a time trying to find an inch of floor space once you head back up.

Location Details

17 Irving Place
New York NY 10003


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