Best Rock Club V.I.P. Section Barmaid (2008)

Barbara Shaw at Irving Plaza

Great venue, but what a shitty V.I.P. section—one third of the balcony, where you spend all evening standing on chairs to see the act or gazing at a muddy monitor. Still, the efficiently smiling service of Barbara Shaw at Irving Plaza makes the shows worth it. Typically in a Gov't Mule tank top, curly-headed Shaw is a tough-ass rock and roller, a Bonnie Bramlett­as-barmaid. And as pleasant as she is, she don't take no shit from chitchatting comp whores more preoccupied with cell phones than courtesy. Amazing how she struts through the crowd five deep every time without dropping the tray. Forget about the bands; we're all her groupies!

Location Details

17 Irving Place
New York NY 10003


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