Best Room to Hear Cabaret (2008)

Firebird Café

"Intimacy" is the commodity cabaret sells. And Firebird Café is the room that's got intimacy big time—er, better make that small time. Venue's been around for only a few years—the last 10 months under Erv Raible's direction—but its shoe-box configuration (dimensions: approximately 18 feet by 32 feet; capacity: 70) has become a staple. When performers jump, swoop, or amble onto the low-rise stage, they're probably no farther than 12 feet from anyone in the room, and on the few nights when there are only a handful of people present, the space still feels comfortably crowded. After the lights dim (Matt Berman oversees them), it may feel as if Steve Ross or KT Sullivan or "Marlene Dietrich," as impersonated by James Beaman, is singing directly to you. For a good reason: She or he (or she/he) is.

Location Details

365 W. 46th St.
New York NY 10036


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