Best Room to See Cabaret (2008)

Arci's Place

Few patrons may realize that the first half of Arci's Place's name is short for Arcimboldo—that's Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the 16th-century Italian painter. Once the inspiration's made clear, the aesthetic at play in the room falls into place. Restaurateur John Miller loves art. Only the cover of the menu, however, features Arcimboldo's portraits, which—looked at closely—reveal themselves to be composed of fruits and vegetables. (Food here's delectable, too.) The murals in the spacious L-shaped room are Bill Gibbons's work and depict sunny Italian vistas. Photographs of three room regulars—Karen Mason, Wesla Whitfield, and Marilyn Volpe—hang in trompe l'oeil frames. Upshot: It's impossible not to be cheered in these surroundings, and that has to make entertainers relax. Rumor has it Miller is looking to move to a more highly trafficked West Side site. If so, wouldn't it be swell if he finds a way to take the murals with him?


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