Best Social Event To Help Improve Your Vocabulary (2008)


Surely I shall be ostracized by the scathing, hoity-toity literati of Manhattan for this exaltation of a MCSWEENEY'S READING, but truly I care not a fig for those prigs. So full disclosure: Aside from an audience of bespectacled, bookish dreamboats who sip gin and tonics from folding chairs and the cynical writers who orate their satirical dispatches slouched atop stools at bars like KGB or Galapagos, the most worthy reason to attend these frequent symposia is to advance your command of the English language. Specifically vocabulary. So sit, drink a Stella, smoke a Camel, listen carefully, and you just might catch yourself remarking, "What a hegemonic dissertation predicated on Kenny Rogers's cantilevered adumbrate!" the very next day. Sotto voce, of course.


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