Best Sound System Guaranteed to Make Your Ears Bleed (2008)


There's much lore surrounding the Twilo sound system. Stories about big-name DJs like Sasha and Digweed jumping off the decks midset and gleefully running to the center of the room to properly hear their favorite record are to be believed once you step inside. The bass manages to rearrange your inner organs, and no matter where you're standing, it's loud, loud, and loud (though surprisingly clear and crisp). No stone is unturned, and no ear left without a touch of tinnitus. If you stand in the center of the dancefloor, you'll experience something close to ecstasy, without the drug as an aid. Shouldn't be shocking to find out that Twilo's other moneymaking venture is in the sound system business, as they crank out noisemakers for clubs nationwide.

Location Details

530 W. 27th St.
New York NY 10001


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