Best Speakeasy (2008)

Milk & Honey

In choosing to model Milk & Honey—open every night but Sunday from eight to four—after the early prohibition-era speakeasy, Sasha the barkeep not only wanted to give artsy patrons a sense of traveling back in time, he was also determined to change what most of his twentysomething peers consider "standard" bar behavior. Because it disturbs neighbors and fellow patrons alike, raucous noise of any kind is not permitted in front or inside, amid the vintage drinks, decor, decorum, and international jazz-age soundtrack. "Drop-in" customers are unwelcome. The "Joe sent me" speakeasy passwords of yore are replaced by a more modern system: Sasha keeps a list of regular customers, and all customers must call first to reserve time and space in the club. Curious males cannot speak to unknown females without an introduction from the barkeep—and the bar prefers not to advertise its discreet downtown address (somewhere below Delancey Street!).


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