Best Subscription Library for Languid Aristocrats (2008)

New York Society Library

As a gentleman of leisure, I can think of no more pleasant place to while those idle Tuesdays than at the NEW YORK SOCIETY LIBRARY. (My accountant says I should mention the cost: $150 a year—peanuts, don\'t you know.) There I am, with ascot and eyepiece, poring over a bound copy of The Atlantic Monthly (April 1883)—how the old covers leave chocolate smudges on my unsunned hands! There I am in the open stacks—what\'ll it be today, old boy? Nigel Dennis or Dennis Wheatley? E. Phillips Oppenheim, methinks—though Autobiography of a Quack looks rather charming. I settle on Powell\'s life of Aubrey, then settle into the luxe Members\' Room, all ancient light and recent periodicals. I emerge at six bells and wait kerb-side, only to realize my driver is on holiday. Here comes the M79.

Location Details

53 E. 79th St.
New York NY 10075


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