Best Subway Station To Live Near (2008)


In its current construction phase, the ATLANTIC AVENUE/PACIFIC STREET STOP feels like the inside of a monstrous creature, with giant curved ventricles shooting off in three dimensions from the platform. And the station is certainly the heart of our gangly, nameless neighborhood (the post office says it's "Times Plaza," but we prefer "Atlantis"), which touches the corners of Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, and Boerum Hill. We've got eight lines, so from most of the city you only need one train to get home, and from the LIRR track it's a mere 40 minutes to the beach. Claims to fame: target of the '93 bombers; name-checked in the best Le Tigre song (note to band: you can't actually transfer to the A, C, or E there, but that line's only a block away).


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