Best Superstar Point Guard in Waiting (2008)

Sebastian Telfair

OK, so two months ago he was an eighth-grader. But Lincoln High frosh-to-be Sebastian Telfair is also Stephon Marbury's cousin, and he seems to have picked up cuz's feel with a ball. At this summer's Adidas ABCD camp, the 15-year-old schooled some of the nation's best high school seniors with his Brinks-like handle and his precocious court vision. Sure, it's a long way from freshman reg to the NBA, but we're only suggesting that you take in a game, not angle to be his agent. And before you head out to Coney Island, do a little homework. Check out Darcy Frey's The Last Shot, an insightful chronicle of Lincoln's 1991 season and arguably the best sports book ever written. Among the dramatis personae: a freshman point guard phenom named Stephon Marbury.


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