Best Tactile Dancing Experience (2008)

The Tunnel

The trippy neo-'70s decor of the Tunnel's cosmic cavern, masterminded by designer Kenny Scharf, provides plenty of blue and red fuzz on the walls for patrons to rub up against. The rest of the room heightens one's sensory enjoyment of the walls, with its black-lit, warped versions of constellations on the ceiling and its vinyl, mirrored half-moon benches. Up to 150 gay and straight club-goers enjoy the room's "industrial and sensuous" appeal. The pleasurable feel of the walls is complemented on the center of the dancefloor by a psychedelic fountain that can be creatively incorporated in bolder dancers' routines. The perfect backdrop for outrageous parties and quality people-watching, this cosmic cavern deserves a good rubdown.


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