Best teachers for an indie-rock fan to admire (2008)

Vivien Goldman

Most of us have sat through boring, dry lectures from teachers who lost their verve decades ago. But there are at least two New York City teachers don't have any difficulty talking about pop culture to their classes, because both of them have spent years wired into it. Vivien Goldman is author of the Bob Marley bio The Book of Exodus, recording artist with a track on an upcoming Chicks on Speed compilation, and TV producer. But now she's flexing her academic muscles at NYU's Tisch School of Arts, educating eager young minds about punk and reggae, scenes in which she was a witness and participant. As for David Grubbs, his job as assistant professor at Brooklyn College follows stints in Gastr del Sol and Red Krayola, and a solo career and Blue Chopsticks label. He now teaches a John Cage seminar, radio production, and a history-of-experimental-music course, not to mention his work leading a student improvisational ensemble. Makes you want to go back to school.


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