Best tribute to Stevie Wonder (2008)

Keistar's Annual Wonder-Full: Stevie Wonder Tribute Party

Stevie Wonder is the kind of cat whose music transcends generations, dominating the classic r&b pantheon almost the way Bob Marley does with reggae. Ask anyone: The moment a DJ slips on "All I Do," the crowd goes bananas. But as beloved as Stevie may be, even the staunchest T-shirt-wearin' supporter might have a hard time listening to his music (and his alone) for five hours straight. This is why Keistar's Annual Wonder-Full: Stevie Wonder Tribute Party is so darn special. Resident DJ Spinna plays everything from originals to samples and covers so well that this year's spring fling had roughly 800 revelers dancing in near ecstasy from start to finish. The entirety of Williamsburg's Sugar Factory (a massive two-floor, warehouse-like space) was packed. It's so dope, Stevie's own daughter has been known to stop by, and even the man himself has called to say I love you to his adoring fans.


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