Best Truly Scary Thrill You Pay For (2008)

Coney Island

Want to be fucking terrified? Do you enjoy being on the brink of real physical disaster? If yes, I highly recommend an afternoon at dilapidated Coney Island amusement park, with the following special activities in mind: (1) The Pirate Ship, which was conducted by a lunatic youth who thought it funny to snap open the safety bars midswing, provoking the fearful crowd, including fathers with small children, to scream to be let off. When Freako finally brought the ship to a halt, he let everyone scramble up for a moment in relief before slapping the bars back down, throwing us into our seats, and chucking us back into the air for more. (2) The decrepit Haunted House—my boyfriend and I were the sole riders—where the real terror was being followed inside, while strapped into the creaky car, by a collection of ghoulishly large and threatening teenagers, who caused me to almost have a heart attack when I felt one of their warm, strange hands unexpectedly grip my bare shoulder in the pitch dark.


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