Best ukulele-playing fag hags (2008)

The Hazzards

Picture two cute chicks with ukuleles and a keyboard, standing onstage giggling and singing about "Girl Beer," temping, and gay boyfriends. Then imagine them dolled up in adorable matching outfits as they plink away and you've got the Hazzards, otherwise known as Anne Harris and Sydney Maresca (who sews and designs their dazzling outfits). Sometimes they're backed by a full band, but band or not, they put as much effort into their presentation as their music, and the payoff is combo of queer-friendly, playful, and sexy that makes them right at home on both musical and comedic lineups. Their charm comes from simple but extremely catchy tunes, and the fact that they look like they're having so much fun onstage, making faces, geeking out, and telling silly stories. Appropriately, they run the Wednesday-night Makeout Party at Galapagos, and if you go see them, make sure they play "Shut Up and Make Out," and that you do so while you listen.


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