Best Unauthorized Parties (2008)

Theme parties on the subway

A handful of local merrymakers have hit on the fabulous idea of theme parties on the subway. Following a couple of dry runs, like an all-orange party on the F train, they put together a gigantic L-and-A-train shindig this spring. Hundreds of partiers took over a single train one night, wearing masks and costumes and Mardi Gras beads, dinging Hare Krishna bells, hanging streamers, chanting, singing, and handing out food and drinks and candy. A woman squeezed from car to car, playing accordion just for the hell of it. The relatively few straphangers who hadn't expected a party got into the spirit right away, and though the police had heard about the party and showed up en masse, a lot of them ended up with beads around their walkie-talkies, too. What good is public transportation if it can't turn into a spontaneous celebration every so often?


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