Best Unintentional Art Installation (2008)

Panna II Indian Restaurant

It\'s probably unsurpassed in Manhattan as a spot for quick, cheap, and tasty Indian food—a fact not even disputed by my meat-eating meal companions. But what you really can\'t miss at PANNA II INDIAN RESTAURANT is the floor show—OK, more like the walls-and-ceiling show. The culinary quality is a constant, but each time you go, the interior decorator has added another course. Morphing like an indoor mirror of Gotham\'s own changing streetscape, Panna II\'s decor is a pernicious android overgrowth of plastic chile lanterns, Christmas-tree lights, op-art wallpaper, and assorted objets de schlock—ornaments, Hawaiian leis, gift-wrapped ductwork—around an ever shrinking eating space. The latter of which, of course, is not the point for lovers of turn-of-the-millennium Americana. Come feast your eyes.


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