Best Urban Folly of Incredible Beauty (2008)

4 Downing Street

Turn right onto Brooklyn\'s Quincy Street from Classon Avenue and see if your heart doesn\'t stop from the sheer beauty of what\'s before you. The brick building at the end, 4 DOWNING STREET, has, over the past several decades, evolved into a genuine work of art. Portholes, glimmering panes of mirrored glass, bottles set in cement and arranged to emit colored light, harlequin block windows, windmills, and painstakingly constructed Roman arches have sent the glittering jewel-like structure soaring into the sky. From every angle there is something new to see. Currently on the roof is a pale green cupola, perched so high that it appears to be from a dollhouse. To cite Charles Addams is to contemplate a cliché. Take the G train to the Classon Avenue Brooklyn stop and walk to the intersection of Classon and Quincy.


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