Best Vacant Lot (2008)

Kent Avenue between 8th and 11th streets in Williamsburg

Prickly signs warn that trespassers are subject to arrest, but I've seen people walking their dogs here, kids playing on the dock, groups of skateboarders, an old woman collecting cattails, other lone amblers like myself, a film shoot—and no handcuffs. The lot at Kent Avenue between 8th and 11th streets in Williamsburg has riverfront access and one of the most splendid views of Manhattan. Take a tour of its lovely sculpture garden, including piles of tires, a rusted-out VW bus, graffitied walls, and large, spiral brick and plant designs. Don't miss the highlight—a supine Tyrannosaurus rex composed of old shovels, coils, and other junk. On Sundays, I'm told, a marching brass band uses the lot as their practice grounds, so if you liked La Strada, you'll love this place. But catch it while you can, because the city purchased it and is planning to turn it into a legitimate park.


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