Best Video Art in a Bar (2008)

Donald O'Finn

Among the clunky mountains of half-ass video pastiche, DONALD O\'FINN\'s feverishly edited, encyclopedically strange video collages are lively rivers. With or without a buzz, his jump-cut barrages of \"reality TV\" moments, loopy segments of odd porn and burlesque, left-field vérité, and all kinds of other crazy bric-a-brac footage is a liquid experience. \"I was taking painting too seriously, so I decided to do something fun,\" says O\'Finn. The interesting thing is that even when he\'s heavy on typical sci-fi imagery, cult-movie camp, and easy sex, his editing is so hyper-intuitive that the culture shocks and time warps gel into a state of half vertigo and half trance: Something like serious fun. Catch his videos at Freddy\'s, 485 Dean Street, Brooklyn, 718-622-7035 and O\'Connor\'s, 39 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-783-9721. View his \"more arty\" videos at Galapagos and other local venues.


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