Best Way to Compensate for the Lack of Roots-Music Radio (2008)

Down Home Radio Show

Everyone complains about how the local airwaves suck, but instead of bitching, you should go online to find a Gotham-based program that actually has good roots musicthe podcast-formatted Down Home Radio Show, hosted by guitarist Eli Smith since its start in 2006. DHR provides folk-music programs with in-depth interviews and is supported by Smith, who swallows the cost of the show but hopes to get outside support through tax-deductible donations (DHR is a nonprofit). So far, hes corralled guests like Pete Seeger, Bela Fleck, Peter Stampfel (whom Smith occasionally jams with), Del McCoury, and Jeffrey Lewis alongside rare historic broadcasts (Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie playing together) and has even snagged a slot at iTunes. Smith takes solace from Bob Dylans satellite-radio show (which covers some of the same ground) and extends an open invitation for the Hibbing Bard to appear on DHR if hes so inclined.


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