Best Way to Drill 'Have You Never Been Mellow' Into Your Head (2008)

Dance Dance Revolution

DDR, as aficionados call DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION, is the best arcade game in the world—you play it by dancing, matching your footsteps to moves displayed on a screen. (Really good players get propositioned a lot, which is not generally true of, say, Street Fighter 2 sharks.) You get very used to the easiest levels' curious mix of songs if you're just starting out, though: the Specials' "Little Bitch," EPMD's "Strictly Business," and especially this one. Barcode has DDR machines too, and so do some places in Koreatown, but the Mott Street arcade Chinatown Fair has the most ridiculous (and therefore best) atmosphere to make a fool of yourself two-stepping to the Olivia Project's lush house remake of Ms. Newton-John's theme song.


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