Best way to get smart about dance (2008)

Works & Process

People often claim they don't understand dance. The sweat is real, and so are the movements, but they worry over those meanings that can't easily be pinned down in words. Not to fear! They, as well as those who know the names of every New York City Ballet dancer and saw Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring with the original cast, can learn much by attending the dance events in the Works & Process series at the Guggenheim. Since 1984, the museum has presented evenings (usually Sundays and Mondays) in which artists from various fields discuss how they do what they do. It can be enthralling to hear a choreographer speak of steps and missteps, of inspiration and hard labor, and then watch dancers perform excerpts from the resulting works. The six events left in the fall season include appearances by Paul Taylor and his dancers; Ohad Naharin and Batsheva Dance Company; and Shen Wei Dance Arts.


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