Best way to impress your friends with your newfound art smarts (2008)

The Contemporaries

Since structured museum tours aren't for everyone, anyone looking for a more social and hands-on way to indulge in art has another option: The Contemporaries, founded by a handful of Harvard Business School friends in 2003 to engage in art-related dialogues with peers and expose members to contemporary art in assorted social settings. After graduating, some members gravitated to NYC, intent on continuing their mission. The group has organized events such as private studio visits (including with noted art adviser and dealer Marla Hamburg Kennedy), an art show presented with designer Issey Miyake, tours of upcoming auctions in conjunction with Christie's, and a fundraiser for an art-protection fund. So how do you join the 400-plus members of twenty- and thirtysomething corporate professionals for these monthly soirees? Well, it's invite-only—but thankfully, for new members, hazing and paddling aren't part of the initiation.


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