Best Way to Learn Wig-and-Eyelash Care for Your Burgeoning Burlesque Career (2008)

Jo Weldon�s School of Burlesque

Whether you want to make a few extra bucks or just want to take your clothes off in front of strangers for the fun of it (we wont judge either way), a burlesque career might be a good option. Sure, it may look easybut have you ever actually tried to jump up and down without a bra on in the hopes of synchronizing the tassels on your pasties? Its no picnic. Thats why Jo Weldons School of Burlesque can help. Courses in fan dancing, chair dancing, and burlesque Pilates are a good place to start, while advanced students will benefit from the World Famous *BOB*s Onstage Beauty classes on wig styling, lash customization, and more. If low self-confidence is holding you back, *BOB*s Ultimate Self-Confidence seminar is considered by many in the biz to be life-changing. Shell have you taking your top off in no time.


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