Best Way to Look Fashionable and Recycle at the Same Time (2008)

AuH2O Boutique

Whats an environmental seamstress? Ask Kate Goldwater, whos done all the sewing work at her AuH2O Boutique for the last year and a half. With her trusty sewing machines, Goldwater is able to transform old T-shirts, slips, ties, vintage dresses, costumes, curtains, and other unwanted fabric into new skirts, dresses, and tops, as well as mens wear, with good prices for these hard-hitting economic times: shirts for $15 to $28, and dresses from $35 to $80. Goldwater also believes in putting her stitches where her beliefs are, adding slogans (Reproductive Freedom Fighter) and political figures (a certain Democratic presidential candidate) to her work. In addition, shes hosted and participated in fashion shows of her oeuvre at venues like Lincoln Center and NYU. And what, you may wonder, is the strangest design shes put together? That honor probably goes to her MetroCard dress, which had to be discontinued when the MTA said it wasnt amused.

Location Details

84 E. 7th St.
New York NY 10003


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