Best Way To Meet A Mayan Priestess (2008)


One can rarely see the moon through the surrounding East Village architectural landscape surrounding the FULL MOON RITUAL. But to make up for it, an ethereal atmosphere is created via a softly tapped drum, two droned organ tones doused in plenty of reverb, and a projection of the moon through a hole in a black curtain. Besides the pleasant ramblings of a lanky, elf-like man, the ritual is an open mic for the city to spout its emotional or artistic reaction to this astrologically altering event. Tragically, the Mayan priestess scheduled for the June full moon had to cancel, and in July the ritual started with a somber announcement that the "Peruvian shaman" would not be arriving. Luckily, this didn't dampen the diverse, sociable crowd, which kept cozy with a plentiful supply of heated apple juice.


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