Best way to relive your teen angst (2008)

Cringe Night

On the first Wednesday of each month, there's standing room only for Cringe Night at Freddy's Bar & Back Room. Well, actually just the back room, where mostly twenty- and thirtysomething women reveal the contents of their teenage diaries in humorous confessions of first lusts, adolescent antics, and celebrity crushes. On a recent Cringe Night, one young woman read her fan letter to Neil Patrick Harris, applauding him for a "very believable" Doogie Howser. Another brave lady read her musings on the then-new technology of caller ID, earnest gushings about Kurt Cobain, and a secret desire to be a rap star. At once nostalgic and hilarious, the trend to relive the embarrassments of yesteryear are catching on. Get Mortified (, a traveling national version of this adolescent show-and-tell, most recently stopped at Mo Pitkin's in Alphabet City. For those of us who might be overly nostalgic about our youth, an evening of listening to others' cringe-inducing memories are a healthy reminder that adulthood sure beats those awkward, self-conscious teen years.


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