Best Way to Save Your Ass at Anthology Film Archives (2008)

Maya Deren Theater

Anthology can\'t be topped for inventive programming, but seeing a movie here means paying in the end—literally: The rock-hard seats and backward-sloping floor of the Courthouse Theater are enough to drive you to a chiropractor. Thankfully, the MAYA DEREN THEATER is tucked away downstairs. Unless you\'re a regular customer, you may not realize this cozy, 66-seat auditorium with cushy chairs and a generous forward pitch exists; their printed schedule doesn\'t list venues, so it\'s no help. To increase your chances of seeing a film here, follow these tips from theater manager Lise Soskolne: Most Essential Cinema programs are screened in the Deren, as are films that benefit from its \"intimate setting.\" That\'s not just PR smoke, either—it was the perfect venue for Les Yeux Sans Visage last Halloween.


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