Best Way to Watch the Sun Set Over the City (2008)

Queens Landing

The developers of the old Queens Landing had the ingenious idea of painting LONG ISLAND and sticking some lights on the gantries that used to suspend cranes, and building a public park around them. A four-minute walk from the Vernon/Jackson subway station (the first 7 stop in Queens), the newish Gantry Park is marvelously solid-looking, faithful to both the industrial heritage of the neighborhood and the pastoral demands of a park. It's got long piers with comfortable, curvy benches extending far into the East River. Sit as the sun goes down and watch the water and the buildings and the ant-sized cars, far away from the actual noise of the city; if you're lucky, the skate kids who hang out in the park will be pumping Hot 97 on their radios to remind you where you live.


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