Best Web Site to Find Your Great Grandpa Giuseppe (2008)

If your great grandpa\'s name is Giuseppe, Malachy, or Ignaz, chances are he came to this country through Ellis Island. Perhaps you\'ve always wanted to know when—he might not be around to ask, and Ouija boards don\'t guarantee much precision—or even exactly where he came from. Go to WWW.ELLISISLANDRECORDS.ORG and employ the new search engine on his behalf. Passenger arrival records, which just became available online in April, document the entrance of 22 million immigrants between 1892 and 1924. Find all of your long-lost relatives by name (don\'t forget alternate spellings), place of residence, and port of origin, cross-referencing with birthdate, name of ship, and date of arrival. Some surfing with my 94-year-old great-uncle Joe (baptized Giuseppe) confirmed his landing in 1916 on the Dante Alighieri—complete with a picture of the vessel. It also brought tears to his eyes.


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