Crasher-Friendliest Concert Venue (2008)

Jones Beach

The name's a misnomer—Jones Beach's amphitheater doesn't just stand on a beach, it actually squats in the shallow waters like a tentative Long Island grandma. The epic view from the nosebleeds (an unbroken horizon line, which reduces any light show to a sinking ship's flare) might make the Moody Blues appear downright inspired; but all those watery surfaces must be doing something to the acoustics as well, since the theater's parking lot delivers pretty much the exact same sound as its routinely pricey seats. And that's without getting your teary peepers lacerated by the ocean winds that rage above the first balcony. If this is not persuading you to take in your Don Henley from the lawn, then the fairly chaotic gate setup will certainly warm your heart. Now that I've said it, of course, the s.o.b.'s might beef security up, so I won't even mention the opportunities that would arise were you to, say, own a boat.


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