Drunkest, Highest Theater Company (2008)

Radiohole/The Collapsable Giraffe

It seems that every month since acquiring their new Williamsburg space last year, dubbed the \\\"Collapsable Hole,\\\" this hybrid theater troupe of Wooster offshoots has a benefit in order to pay their rent. (Full disclosure: I\\\'ve been the DJ on occasion.) The parties get lots of negative attention from law enforcement, of course, but this cleverly deflects attention from RADIOHOLE/THE COLLAPSABLE GIRAFFE\\\'s wildly spirited, deliberately offensive, and borderline pornographic performance pieces, in which members might get strung upside-down naked and the audience may be drenched in beer while some dubious connection is made between ritual spankings and the Baader-Meinhof gang. Way to throw the fuzz off the scent. www.radiohole.com; www.collapsablegiraffe.org


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