Nicest Place to Buy Gardening Supplies (2008)

Garden Shop at the Horticultural Societ of New York

The GARDEN SHOP AT THE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY OF NEW YORK not only sells pruners, misters, orchid food, trowels, pots, bonsai tool sets, Japanese tea garden sets, bamboo stakes, aprons, shears, seeds, gardening starting kits for children, beautiful gift cards, and fragrant, nubby "Gardener's Soap" for only $3.50 (a favorite), but also stocks—aside from, of course, gorgeous exotic plants and flowers for both domestic and outdoor locations—a fabulous collection of books, including The Once and Future Gardener, The Phytopia Book: A World of Plant-Centered Cuisine, and The Old Farmer's Almanac Book of Garden Wisdom. Escape the steamy, shrill nightmare of midtown Manhattan in this calming, open space adjacent to HSNY's extensive library and offices.


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