Best 90-year-old club kid (2008)

Zelda Kaplan

To call her a club kid isn't exactly fair. After all, Zelda Kaplan just turned 90 years young. If you frequent the more posh end of nightlife, you're likely to see Kaplan holding court in all her custom-tribal-African-clothes glory. She figured out long ago what Paris and the other trashy socialites won't ever learn: Pick a look and work it. Kaplan sports a tall African hat and always dons oversize black sunglasses as she cavorts from Bungalow 8 to Lotus to APT to Cain and back again. She often goes out by herself, meeting up with the fabulous and famous. She prefers ladies to dress and act like ladies (leave the jeans at home) and insists that gentlemen behave like gents. She sleeps in until 2 p.m., and then the vivacious Kaplan is up and out all night. She is the toast of the town, with club luminaries like Patrick McMullan hosting her birthday party at the hipster havens Home/Guest House. When not gallivanting to galas around town, Kaplan is an ardent activist and art collector, frequently traveling to Africa to speak to tribes about genital mutilation and women's rights. Clueless club kids could do well to learn from Kaplan. Respect your elders.


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