Best Addition to the Bowery (2008)

Bowery Electric

The Bowery, formerly a haven for the down-and-out and d-class-, saw a lot of squeaky-clean new faces in 2008: bad press magnet Bowery Wine Co.; Antik, the bar notable for not having a visible bar; and upscale pub King's Cross for starters. But the street's former rock-n-roll vibe wasn't totally shot after John Varvatos took over CBGB's space: Mike Stuto, Jesse Malin, and Johnny T (whose combined lineage includes excellent music-friendly bars like Hi-Fi, Niagara, Black and White, and Coney Island High) opened Bowery Electric as an homage to the olden days, bringing in rocker DJs and hosting after-parties for a number of hip bands. Yeah, we're pretty sure Joey Ramone would balk at the prices--we certainly do--but on this new polished strip of New York, we'll take what we can get.

Location Details

327 Bowery
New York NY 10003


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