Everyone loves to mention that charming detail about the recently opened Rusty Knot serving 99-cent beer and $3 cans. Owners Taavo Somer (Freemans) and Ken Friedman (Spotted Pig) like to think of their nautically themed bar as a beer place, and we actually showed up the first time with the intention of ordering one of those affordable ales--until we saw the plastic totem glasses. Reminded of the all-time best episode of The Brady Bunch, we had to have one; instead, we had four. The homemade bitters in the Mai Tai knocks off just enough of the typical sweetness to make drinking three of them possible (though not recommended), and we topped them off with a Dark and Stormy for good measure. If we remember the next morning correctly, we'll be sticking with the Rusty Knot's original bait next time.

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Location Details

425 W. St.
New York NY 10007


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