Best bar in Brooklyn for great whisk(e)ys at reasonable prices (2008)

Kings County

Tourists: They are the bane of New Yorkers' existence, clogging the sidewalks and subways, babbling at top volume about some Broadway behemoth no true city dweller (native or longtime transplant) would ever want to see. But not all visitors to our fair island are so oblivious to what makes New York truly fab. Recently a music industry pal visiting from London wanted to meet up in a "real New York bar" as he'd grown weary of the usual Manhattan hipster showplaces. So I took him to Kings County, the pride of bright young Bushwick. Tucked away behind a door of artfully rusted metal, this tiny, gorgeous neighborhood bar offers a connoisseur's selection of Scotch and Irish imports, high-end domestic bourbons ($5–$7 a shot), as well as a great selection of beers (Chimay Blue, Bud, and Guinness). Add to this a tasty mixed crowd of attractive locals, a respectable jukebox, and Chops—the tattooed and bewhiskered biker-esque artist-proprietor who designed and built his bar as an oasis of love and culture in the post-industrial wasteland of East Nowhere—and you're home free.


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