Best Bar In Which To Pretend That You're A Real Writer (2008)


I only write for money, so it is the scribblers sitting at KGB BAR's tables—notepads open, eyes straining in the dark, their drinks, waiting to be sipped, sweating—who serve as my conduit to that wondrous world of authenticity, of feeling and motivation, of all that . . . jazz (dast I use such a word—such an irreverent word?) . . . Oh! Would that I were able to transform myself thusly, to peer into alternately dank and glowing places heretofore unseen, to make of them art—nay! to make of them written word, mere written word, as if there were anything more important this whole lonesome, spinning planet over!

Location Details

85 E. 4th St.
New York NY 10003


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