Best bar you're sure to get a space at (2008)

Lucky Jack's

You can find two types of people at a bar: Those who have their drinks and those who do not. How quickly the haves forget about the have-nots crowded behind them. With booze in hand, hey, it's time to hit on the busty bartender, chat up the buddies, wedge your big fat elbows onto that prime real estate bar table, denying the unfortunate behind you their vodka tonic. This is not a problem you encounter at Lucky Jack's, which boasts a 60-foot bar running most of the length of the venue (itself a full city block long). Luxuriate at the bar and grab a seat—hell, grab five. For once, there's room enough for you and all the table-hogging jackals in this town. In a culture of pointless apple martinis and overpriced bar tapas, Lucky Jack's provides its customers with the city's most treasured commodity: space.


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