Best Biergarten For A Hot-Dog-Eating Contest (2008)


Four dogs has been my in-immediate-succession chow-down limit—but you will want to test yours at the wicked cheap and wicked meaty GOWANUS YACHT CLUB. Proprietor Alan Harding—referring to the Moby Dick- and Gilligan's Island-inspired decor—says his cozy Carroll Gardens outdoor joint has a "Captain Ahab mounts Ginger" vibe. Add a lot of grilled meat and $1 cans of Pabst to the equation, and you have an ideal evening! (Well, it doesn't have to be grilled meat—they serve veggie dogs, too.) Ten different kinds of hot dogs, Texas Chainsaw chili, sausage, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, Jever and "Duff" (like from The Simpsons) on draft, a retro collection of assorted canned beer—and nothing over $4. Seasonal, GYC's open from Memorial Day to Halloween (at which point there'll be a big-ass party to kiss the warm weather goodbye). Go splash pitchers on the sundry lobster pots and water skis decking the walls!

Location Details

323 Smith St.
Brooklyn NY 11231


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